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Violence Awareness and Random Acts of Kindness

Kindness is Contagious, Please Pass it on!

The main purpose of the week is to promote positive energy to counteract the negative effects of senseless violence in our society.

Sadly, violence permeates our lives on a daily basis. Whether it is televised, on the radio or printed in the news papers, we are bombarded with sensationalized stories of violence. Researchers indicate violence in schools and in our communities are nearly always a product of violence in our homes. If we speak out, get assistance as victims, if we offer safe refuge to victims of violence, if we shun those who use violence against others, maybe then we can inevitably affect and break the cycle of violence that exists in our society.

We believe expansion of violence awareness programs in our elementary schools should start earlier. Collectively we need to promote and support programs that enhance prevention and early intervention within our schools.

Our motto is, "drown out the voice of violence with acts of kindness" and “kindness is contagious, please pass it on”                       



Daphne Rose Kingsma of Conari Press, defines Random Acts of Kindness as those sweet or lovely things we do for no reason except that momentarily, the best of our humanity has sprung into full bloom. By committing a Random Act of Kindness you are doing not what life requires you, but what the best of your human soul invites you to do.